I’m an assistant professor of political science at Morehouse College. My research interests are at the intersection of International Relations theory and international criminal justice.  My book, States of Justice: The Politics of the International Criminal Court (ICC), will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2020. It posits a dynamic process through which states — especially those presumed to be weaker in the international system — use the International Criminal Court (ICC) as leverage in their domestic conflicts and to empower themselves in the pursuit of their political and security interests.

I’m also interested in a postcolonial critique of international legal theory and the study of  the Global South in/and IR.

My peer-reviewed articles have been published in Human Rights Quarterly, the Journal of Narrative Politics, Africa Today and the African Journal of International Criminal Justice. I have also written for, have been interviewed by, and/or my research featured in, a number of mainstream media outlets across television, radio, and print. These outlets include The New York Review of Books,  Al JazeeraThe Washington Post, Foreign Policy, BBC, Deutsche Welle, RFI, Quartz Africa, African Arguments, World Politics Review, and Trouw. I am also an editor at Africa Is A Country.  I have done consulting work for various organizations, including Freedom House, Oxford Analytica,  and the National Science Foundation.

Timbuktu, Mali. December 2016



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